Keynote – “Debunking Stereotypes: Humanizing Relationships within Families’ Digital Literacy Practices” – 8th Annual Summer Institute in Digital Literacy (2020)

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Webinar – “Cultivating Connections: How Digital Literacies Advance Social Relationships” – Media Education Lab (2020)

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Keynote – “Humanizing one Black Family’s images, stories, and practices: Using photo-elicitation as a visual and multimodal research method” – Center for Visual Literacies, San Diego, CA (2019)

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Research Colloquium Talk – “Countering family’s digital literacy practices among African American families” – University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (2019)

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Panel Presentation – “Supporting literacy learning at home between an African American father with his children” – National Council for Research on Language and Literacy / National Council of Teachers of English, Houston, TX (2018)

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Research Colloquium Talk – “A critical sociocultural approach to examining African American fathers’ digital literacy practices” – Teachers College, Columbia University, New York (2018)

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Webinar – “Independent reading and digital texts” – Book Trust (2018)



Film – SisterMentors, Washington, DC (annually)



Keynote – “A Family, A Motherboard, A Digital Identity: Rethinking Binaries in Literacy Research” – Centre for the Study of Literacies Conference, University of Sheffield, UK (2012)

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